With more than 20 years of international selling exposure, our customers can rest assured that we can act as an extension or partner in reinforcing their market trust and brand building. This expertise translates into an effective understanding of your needs which can be instrumental in gaining competitive edge. Our clientele represents many of the largest and most renowned organizations all over the globe. As a premium partner, we focuses on six aspects of client services essential for enriching experience.

  • Product Reliability and Consistency: At the core of our business is the commitment towards quality and this core philosophy separates us to ensure quality and delivering the best competitive products to our customers.
  • Hassle Free Exports and Imports: Being located in Special Economic Zone.
  • Excellent Client Support:
    • We have dedicated staff and effective systems to stimulate client support processes to provide timely information on all the queries, developments and orders to strengthen systematic planning.
    • Client Relationship Managers ensures that each client is provided with the requisite information in its preferred way.
  • Technology Advantage: Our ongoing technology and technical advancements are the foundation of increased competitive edge to offer more operational flexibility to our customers. Adoption of new technology helped us in cutting down of our production time which further lead to delivering large orders in shorter lead time.
  • Customized Designing: Our designing capability to transform and understand your requirements into the reality, is something, we specialize in. We have wide spectrum of designs in our library as our creative team creates hundreds of designs per month, facilitating us, in offering our client with various concepts and design styles.
  • Competitive Advantage: The major strength is our capability to offer complete facility from designing to manufacturing under one roof, from raw material to finished product. The cutting and polishing of various gemstones are done in-house to guarantee the genuine quality and competitive prices.