Infrastructure & Technology

Company has two production units capable of producing volumes to cater our international and domestic clients. We have an integrated and vast infrastructure combined with state-of-art technology that allows us to customize our processes and channelize our efforts according to each customer individual needs. Company believes in the philosophy of adapting to best available technology for mass production with precision and quality. Therefore, we keep on reinforcing our technology from time to time to facilitates our production techniques.

We can effectively manage any volume requirements of our customers.

Our export unit is located in Special Economic Zone comprises of 60000 sq. ft. production area and capable of accommodating a workforce of approx. 2000 workers. To meet the challenges of global competitive market, we have a complete in-house production set-up and no process is outsourced keeping in mind the most important aspect of quality control and expectations of our customers. Being in Special Economic Zone (Free Trade Zone), we are facilitated by Government of India to have hassle free trading to cater the needs of the versatile global jewelry market. We have easy Imports and Export Policies that is specially designed for our Zone.

Company’s infrastructure is best among the industry and are equipped with the state-of the art technology to offers the best manufacturing solutions to its clients. Being in the Special Economic Zone, we offers hassle free export and import of goods with ease. Below are some of the highlights of our infrastructure:

  • Unparalleled manufacturing facility comprising of two units for international and domestic clients
  • Export unit is located in special economic zone ( free trade zone)
  • Vast production area of more than 60000 sq. ft.
  • Capacity to accommodate more than 2000 workforce
  • Highly talented and skilled workforce
  • Complete in-house production set-up under one roof.
  • Enhancing capabilities to meet global challenges by adapting to new technologies.