Corporate Social Responsibility

To contribute for the social good is a vital part of our values and integral part of our business operations. We work for the welfare of the society and economically disadvantaged communities and our initiatives involves providing of financial aid to healthcare services, drinking water, relief and rehabilitation, children education for upliftment of their education and well being for the social good. In all our initiatives, we ensure to engage with ultimate beneficiaries so that social aid can go to the right people. We also conducts health awareness programmes and blood donation camps from time to time to promote awareness on health issues as to work for the welfare of the socially.

Social and Ethical Practices

Company is totally committed to execute fair social and ethical trade practices uniformly all over the company including conducive work environment for health and safety of workers. Continual training programmes are organized to create awareness amoung workers related to health and safety. We comply to all the social and ethical practices as applicable to the industry as per the local government laws. Greater emphasis is given on safe environment and all the waste generated in the process of hazardous nature are appropriately treated before disposal. We strictly abide to our social and safety policy.