Product Range


  • Ranging from 8K to 22 K.
  • Very light weight.
  • Available in various alloys of gold.
  • Wide Variety of designs and up-to-date collections on latest market trends.
  • Budget based affordable jewelry using CZ.


  • Casted Jewelry using latest techniques for highest quality.
  • Artisan crafted Handmade Jewelry by highly skilled craftsman.
  • Light weight stamped jewelry designs in wide variety.
  • Mass production capabilities.

Base Metal

  • Cadmium, Lead and Nickel Free alloys for base metal jewelry.
  • Customer specific customized jewelry.
  • Multi color plating options.
  • Most advanced production techniques and machineries to offer a wide range of product types.


  • Precious stones manufacturing.
  • Semi-Precious and opaque stones manufacturing.
  • Synthetic gemstones manufacturing.

Artisan Crafted

  • Each piece of jewelry gets the expertise and personal attention of the Artisan who is crafting the piece.¬†
  • Each piece goes through the hands of various Artisans expert in their own work.
  • A team of hundreds of Artisans work together and mass produce Artisan Crafted Jewelry.